Tired of Guesswork with Employees?

Leadership Development and Employee Assessment Tools

Our system is designed for Executives, Managers, HR Professionals and Training & Develpoment folks, who want to select the right person for the job, retain them, enhance their performance and build leadership skills!

Our selection of employee assessment tools includes:
• Pre employment Integrity/Work Ethic/Reliability!
• 360 Degree Feedback Survey for Performance Reviews!
• Sales Indicator Information and Coaching!
• Customer Service Knowledge, Skills, Behaviors, and Training!
• Management Development and Coaching!
• Personality Assessment for Increased Motivation!
• Team Analysis!

What are your organization’s needs?

To Provide Leadership Development and Management Leadership Training?

To Provide an ongoing Leadership Development Plan for your management team?

To Create an Employee Testing platform to decrease employee turnover and turnover rate?

To Utilize Employee Assessment and Employee Testing to improve employee morale and employee productivity?

Over 35,000 companies rely on Profile's Assessment tools for selection, coaching and maximizing human capital! The more you know about your people, the better you can impact your top and bottom lines!

Our Assessment Center offers you Internet assessment capability with instant results in a user-friendly system! We can have you set up, trained today and assessing tomorrow! In depth face-to-face training is available.

Thanks for visiting us and feel free to contact us anytime. We may look like an Internet company, but we believe in people first! Call and let's work together to improve your greatest asset... people!

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